2 Bulking Tips For Massive Muscle Gains [Part 1]

2 Bulking Tips For Massive Muscle Gains [Part 1]

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Steve Jones Natural Bodybuilder taken at Cooge...

Steve Jones Natural Bodybuilder taken at Coogee Beach, NSW Australia after winning the Australasian Classic Physique title. Steve Jones is the owner of Powerzone Nutrition and Australian Natural Bodz magazine based in Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some reason a lot of bodybuilders think that bulking up is actually pretty simple. You just increase the calories and start eating like a pig, and you are going to gain a lot of muscle. If it was that simple everybody was going to get huge and they were going to get huge really fast.

I want to share with you 5 bulking up tips that are going to help you increase your muscle gains, even double them.

#1 Nutrition

At least 60% of the people living on the planet “Earth” do not realise how important and vital is nutrition to a bodybuilder. It does not matter if you are bulking or cutting (losing fat), the first thing you will have to change is your diet plan.

When you are in a bulking up phase you will have to gradually increase your intake of calories that come from carbohydrates and good fats. And keep your protein intake 1g per 1lbs of your total body weight.

Now, it’s really important for you to remember this. Just because you are bulking and you are suppose to eat more calories, does not mean that you are just going to buy 2 bags of chips and eat them, or burgers, or any other kind of junk food to keep your calorie intake as high as possible. I want you to eat clean, complex carbohydrates, good fats (Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids), and lean protein.

Of course you can have cheat meals once or twice a week, but try to keep it as low as possible.

#2 Workout

There is not really much to speak about your workout. The only good news about it is that when you are bulking up you are going to have larger amounts of energy that are going to help you complete heavier sets.

Remember that the best range of repetitions that is going to give you the most muscle gain is around 8-12 reps per working set.

I really recommend using the 3:1 method, it works amazingly for putting on serious muscle mass. Basically what you are going to is, you are going to slowly lower down the weight for about 3 seconds and then explode on the way up, and lift it fast for 1 second. This way you are putting a lot of physical tension on the particular muscle group that you are using to perform the exercise.


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