11 Easy Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

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Here’s the thing:

If you’re interested in developing a stronger, more aesthetic and muscular physique then you should know by now that Testosterone is the one hormone which is responsible for all of that.

Testosterone also helps with a number of other things such as:

Helps improve bone density, boost energy levels, improves stamina and overall strength.

Thus, increasing testosterone production is of vital importance if you truly desire to improve your muscle growth, strength, and physique in general.

This is the main reason why there are individuals who inject themselves with augmenting chemicals such as anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids drive testosterone levels to go up and thus lead towards extreme muscle development.

Now, I presume that there is no need for me explain to you how dangerous anabolic steroids are for your general health.

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They harm your heart (your body is not genetically designed to withhold such a load of intensity), develop tumors around various organs as well as lead to depression if you decide to stop consuming anabolic steroids.


I am sure you have done your homework.

There is no need to panic!

Anabolic steroids are not the only means of increasing testosterone levels.

There are natural and proven techniques of doing so, which is why I have decided to share with you my…

11 easy ways to increase testosterone naturally

lower-body-fat-storage.jpgI have previously mentioned this in my articles. Body fat storage is closely correlated with low testosterone levels.

This is the main reason why bulking, which can lead to increased body fat percentage, is not a good path to take.

It will not only lead to serious stretch marks, but will lead to a decreased levels of testosterone as well as increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, increased cholesterol and many other health problems.

What this means is that you really need to work on your diet and make sure that you are consuming only foods that are rich in good macronutrients (complex carbohydrates, good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) as well as lean protein (eggs, turkey breast, chicken breast,etc) and micronutrients.


There are also foods that will directly help you improve your fat-burning. I recently wrote an article sharing the 30 best fat-burning foods.

Go ahead and check it out and implement some of those foods in your diet to make sure that you are keeping those fat levels as low as possible.

Make sure that you are aiming for foods that are with a low glycemic index (they are high in fiber).

Foods that are with a high glycemic index lead to spikes in your blood sugar and ultimately to elevated body fat storages.

I have also listed a bunch of foods with a low glycemic index in the pointed article above.

Try and avoid “easy calories”.

A lot of people that are trying to gain muscle go on a so-called bulking diet.

Most of those diets consist of easy calories – foods that are a source of easy calories are the ones with a high glycemic index, high saturated and trans fat content, and high in sugar.

People use these foods to make sure that they cover their daily caloric intake.

Try to make sure you avoid those types of food as they will lead increased body fat percentage and consequently lowered testosterone levels.

Remember, your body requires a fixed set of calories to maintain performance and muscle growth.

By eating more than your body needs will not lead to more muscle or to faster muscle hypotrophy. It will only lead to a higher body fat percentage.

You need to make sure that your hormone levels (testosterone, HGH and insulin) are running well in your organism as they are primarily responsible for your body’s ability to develop muscle mass.

Furthermore, consider adding some high intensity cardio exercises that can help you boost testosterone levels and help you maintain lower body fat percentages.


I strongly recommend you check out “The 7 Best Exercises to Burn Fat” where I have listed a number of a really powerful exercises that are very effective to lose body fat.

Consider adding some of the exercises to your workout plan.

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  1. Awesome article on testosterone. Covered the topic very thoroughly. I especially liked the part where you talked about the lifestyle choices we make effects our natural testosterone levels.

  2. Excellent article , which basically gives you all the necessary information which other wise you pay money to doctor and he gives you prescription of different medicament which are not good for your health , because medicines have side effects. Foods I mean healthy ones have no side effects only our body needs natural food , because we are what we EAT.
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  3. Great article John. You have provided an in-depth overview re: testosterone and the natural approach to increasing those levels using food and other means of support. It has been very helpful, requiring to take a more timely consideration of your helpful insights John. This natural approach makes good sense, however, I hadn’t considered it before. In fact, recently my wife encouraged me to check out a supplement offered on a television ad. My thoughts since taking the supplements have been minimal if any. John, I look forward to taking more time to go over the material you have generously provided. Thank you.

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