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Probably one of the best motivational pictures in human history! Simple and short ‘Be Legendary’. There is no clear identification of what exactly should we understand by this loved-by-the-masses word ‘legendary’ which is exactly the one thing that makes this quote so worthy of admiration.

Being legendary, in whatever field of interest, in whatever subject means giving it your best. Doing your best every day and knowing that you have achieve your complete maximum – something that not everybody would dare to even think of.

Being legendary is about doing whatever it takes and giving it your one hundred percent of devotion. Not fearing failure but embracing it! Not backing off when things get hard, you just keep pushing and the harder it gets the more you stronger and longer you push to achieve what you want to achieve, no matter if what it is.

Looking only forward and challenging yourself, achieving, conquering. That is what being legendary is all about!

The reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the picture is to solidify that notion. He is one of the best examples available. He achieved a history of admiration even with all the negative and demotivating talks he had with  his peers and family. He pushed through the barrier of fear achieving a profile of respect and having the right to call himself legendary.


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