9 Best Butt Exercises – Big Booty Workout

9 Best Butt Exercises – Big Booty Workout

big butt workout 9 best butt exercises

It has been ages since I wanted to share my top best butt exercises with you, and finally, here I am.

Nowadays, I am extremely busy with my studies – every single person who studies Digital Media knows what I’m talking about.

Hours and hours worth of programming, drawing, and formatting eat up my free time, which is the main reason why I stopped going to the gym and replaced with home workouts.

I totally understand that the gym is irreplaceable – you have access to all of those fancy machines and free weights that you can use to facilitate your workout.

But when you lack the free time necessary to drive to the gym, wait in line, workout, drive back from the gym, you sort of have to make best of what you have.

Home workouts are still an amazing alternative way that will allow you to develop a great butt, don’t you worry about that.

Anyway, without further adieu I present to you:

9 Best Butt Exercise – Big Booty Workout


butt exercises big booty workout

For me personally, front lunges are one of the best exercises for the butt.

The whole stretching motion that you do as you go down really helps develop those round glutes.

To make it even harder, I tend to grab my backpack and stuff it with random items such as books or water bottles, just to make it a bit heavier.

So to start you need to stand up straight with your hands on you hips (for balance).

Take a big step forward, not too big though, remember you need to keep balance!

Next, lower yourself towards the leg that is extended until the point where your supportive leg (the one behind) almost reaches the ground with its knee. Repeat that 20 to 25 repetition for each leg.

If you are doing it for the first time, then you would want to start out with 15 to 20 reps per leg! And remember to keep your balance and focus on the whole muscle-mind connection.


butt exercises big booty workout

As always, a booty workout will be incomplete without mentioning the infamous squats.

One of my absolute best exercises.

Really easy to do especially with zero extra weight. And more over, really effective for you butt, if executed correctly.

Considering that we’re focusing on our glutes with this workouts we’re not just going to be doing your generic, simple, everyday squats.

Oh, no, no. I’m referring to the deep squats. AKA, ass-to-the-grass squats.

Here is a little tip: if you want to grow an impressive booty, you will need to go for the full range of motion (ROM) where your muscle group is stretched to its maximum potential (eccentric contraction – this is what usually initiates muscle growth) and flexed at the top.

For me it’s also very important to stay in front of a mirror, just because I need to look at myself while I am doing the exercise, in cause I do something wrong and to make sure that I am going after that full ROM I mentioned previously.

So, if you have a nice big mirror you can stay in front of while doing your squats, then do so. It really helps!

To begin, stand with you arms in front of you (extended) or keep them at the side of your shoulders to mimic holding a barbell. Keep your feet at about shoulder’s width.

Remember to keep your back straight as you are lowering your upper body. Keep lowering to the point where you can no longer do so (remember, these are deep squats, not regular squats).

A lot of people say that when they envision  or imagine something about the exercise it makes it easier for them to perform it.

What really helps for me so try and imagine that I am trying to sit on a really low chair (I know, silly) but somehow it helps.

If you have never done squats before or you just believe that you have really weak legs in order to carry out the full ROM, then what you can start out with is just doing some wall-squats.

Essentially, wall-squats are exactly what they sound like – you lean against a comfortable wall and you do the exact same movement. This is really going to help you build that core and leg strength necessary to carry out the booty killers.

Another tip: make sure that you arch your back so that you push your booty outward, again for the full ROM.

Without doubt deep squats is probably one of the best butt exercises out there that will help you build mass and tone your behind.


exercises to lift and tone buttocks

This exercise is really effective if you do it right.

It really helps develop that round and peach-like butt that we all strive for.

Lie on one side, all straight, propped up on one elbow (make sure that it’s comfortable so that you don’t get any elbow pain afterwards). Lift your outside leg slowly, keeping both legs straight. Keep your leg up in the air for 3 seconds and then slowly lower you leg.

If by any chance you have one of those ankle weights laying around your home, use it. Place it on your active leg to increase the exercise’s intensity.


best exercises for glutes

Remember the lunges that we already went through?

Well imagine what would happen if you have an exercise that already helps make a big booty and then you enhance it and make it even better at it – here enter single-leg lunges.

This exercise is amazing for turning that flat butt into a masterpiece.

Essentially, it’s the same execution as the regular lunges.

The only difference, however, is that now you place your backward standing leg on a chair or bed (some elevated surface) and you go down with your forward standing leg.

The fact that your supportive leg is now elevated really helps stretch those glutes and make it grow.

Remember, eccentric contraction (stretching of the muscle with applied weight stress) is what really makes any muscle grow. So the more you have of that, the bigger the booty.

The main disadvantage of this exercise is that it’s relatively easy to lose balance while doing it. This is probably going to take you a couple of tries to get used to, but as soon as you do you will notice how good it actually is.


big booty workout

I absolutely love this exercise as it really helps tone and shape the butt. Furthermore, it really isolates the glutes, which allows you to focus more on your booty and less on your legs.

The exercise is extremely easy to perform but will leave your butt sore on the next day. You need to come down to all fours, similar to a knee push-up position but with your sheen flat to the ground. Keep your back straight. This is going to be your starting position.

Slowly start raising one leg into the air.

Some say that by keeping the leg straight you apply more stress to the muscle, but I personally don’t feel much of a difference and just keep my leg bent at the knee. Make sure that once you reach your apex (the point where you cannot elevate your leg anymore) you flex your butt as hard as you possibly can.

Slowly begin to lower your leg back to the starting position and repeat the whole motion again for 20-30 repetitions.

Once you’re done with that leg, change it to the other one and repeat.

This is an extra here but I always like to do pulses right after I finish with the repetitions. So basically your leg pulses in the middle up and down. It really helps you achieve that pump  that you hear everybody at the gym talk about.


best butt and glute exercises

As you can probably tell by now, I REALLY LOVE squats for my glutes. Simply because they are an amazing exercise that really trains the thickness and shape of the booty, so you can’t really blame me.

Wide squats are exactly the same as the regular squats, the only difference is that instead of your feet being at shoulder’s width, they are wider. Simple as that.

However, again, try and reach for that full ROM and make sure that you lower your butt as much as you can without disrupting the form of the exercise – remember that your knees need to remain straight, as if your feet are locked to the floor.

Also, make sure that you don’t lock your knees when you go back to your starting position. Always keep your glutes under tension in order to make it grow.



butt exercises

This is going to be pretty hard to explain, but is definitely a booty-building exercise you would want to have in your arsenal.

Bare with me…

You start out from a wide squat. As you raise yourself up, instead of just stopping at the top, you are going to do a little jump and bring your legs together (almost touching). Afterwards you do another little jump and spread your legs to go back into a wide squat position, repeat.

You can either do it on one spot or if you want to burn a bit more calories and not just work your booty but also work for a flat belly, then you can turn around every time you bring your legs together. Or if there is enough room you can even move towards, backwards, or sideways.


butt toning exercise

This exercise is not so much for shaping and toning the butt, but rather for building the thickness of the glutes. It just helps “fill it up”  so if you’re struggling with a flat booty, you’re going to LOVE this bad boy.

Again, if you want to make things harder and add some weight (which is strongly recommend) try using a gym-bag or a regular backpack with some books and random junk from your home.

Lie on your back and keep your feet on the ground slightly spread so that you can retain balance.

And then just raise your lower body’s weight with your hips – ergo, hip thrust. Make sure that you squeeze your butt once you reach the top of the movement. Remember to do this nice and slowly and make sure that you don’t rest on the ground.

This exercise is also really good for building core and lower-back strength which is going to benefit you in other exercises as well.

9. DOUBLE TAPSbest butt workout

This is a hard one. I find it really effective as well as hard to do it properly.

You really need to keep your balance and you will probably also need a yoga mat, or at least something that’s going to make it somewhat comfortable for you to lie on.

Lie down on your stomach (similar to a plank) with your head pointing forward.

Raise your arms pointing forward (similar to the superman pose) and your legs pointing backwards.

Move your legs away from each other and hold in that position for a couple of seconds.

Once you return to your starting position you do a “double tap” with your legs (essentially, do the same movement but just much shorter) to get a small pump in between your reps.

Make sure, just like all of the aforementioned exercises, that you go for the full ROM.

Don’t half-ass it and try and spread your legs a part as wide as possibly can while in this position.

This exercise is definitely a killer! It’s hard to do but it’s definitely beneficial, not to mention that it helps work the lower back and abs while sculpting your butt to perfection.

If you believe that you’re not going to be able to carry it out, it’s understandable. Try and build on that core and glute strength as you progress and try it out later on.

I don’t really count repetitions here, I just do it for a minute, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat. For a total of 3-5 sets.


I usually combine 5 or 6 out of these 9 exercises and do a 30-45 minute workout with a small 1-2 minute break between exercises and a 20 second rest between sets. Quite intense, I know. I usually do one set of each four and then repeat it 4 more times.

Before I star, thought, I make sure that I’ve stretched my body for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then I do a 10 minutes cardio just to make my workout more effective.

Hope you like my article and if you do leave a comment bellow and if not tell me why not! And also share your workout in the comment I am curious to find out which exercises you do at home and also which ones are your favourite!

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