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4 Snacks High In Protein That Will Help You Build Muscle

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To build muscle mass you will have to consume six well-balanced meals throughout the day. But there are people who do not have time to eat a full dish at a restaurant or at home. And of course there are people who enjoy eating snacks between their meals.

Most of the snacks are completely unhealthy and will ruin your chances to body transformation.  They are high in sodium, saturated fats, trans fat, sugar, and full with empty calories that are going to help you gain more weight. That is exactly why I want to share with you my “snack list” that will help you fight hunger and supply your body with the needed nutrients.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

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You have probably heard this a lot, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But haven’t you asked your self, why ? Why is it the most important meal of the day ? Obviously you have, since you are here. And for your luck I am here to tell you.

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First, lets take a look at why does our body need breakfast to function correctly.
When you are a sleep your organs (brain, kidney, hearth, stomach, ect.) are still working. For that to happen they need energy. The best source of energy are carbohydrates. Before going to bed your body’s metabolism slows down so it can store more energy for the long night. This obviously means that even when you are a sleep, you are still burning calories.

5 of the most delicious healthy dishes

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I know that everybody wants to be healthy and fit, but at the same time eat delicious, good tasting food. Nobody likes the healthy, but tasteless and dry meals. That is exactly why I decided to write down 5 of the most delicious and healthy dishes that I have had the chance to taste.

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Grilled chicken breasts with vegetables

Protein: 20 – 30 grams

Carbohydrates: 10 – 15 grams
Fats: 0 – 1 grams.

You will need:
A grill

Chicken breast meat
Vegetables (by your choice)
Lemon (optional)

This incredibly delicious meal is full with the best tasting nutrients.

Low on carbs and fats, high on protein, this dish makes it to the top of my list. It will take you some time to prepare this remarkable meal, but it is worth it.

The reason we will grill the chicken is to get rid of any fat that might be hiding in the chicken meat. The one gram of fat might come from the vegetables that you are using, but it’s not bad for you. If you want to make it more classy add some lemon juice on the grilled chicken breasts.

Healthy junk food !

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Sometimes we crave to eat something that is salty or sweet and bad for our health. The bad news are that if give in to those cravings and you start eating junk food, you are going to fail your diet. The good news, you can eat healthy junk food, which has the same taste as the bad junk food, but instead of bad for your health, it’s the quite opposite, it’s healthy for you.

This is not only going to help you lose more fat and get rid of the annoying cravings that stop you from achieving your wanted body, this will help you to lead a much healthier life.

I don’t expect you to go to Mcdonalds and ask for a healthy menu. You are going to make your healthy junk food at your home, which is the best part. I enjoy cooking.

Eat sugar, it doesn't make you fat !

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Sugar is the second most feared nutrient in the world. They think it will make them fat. Well, there is a reason. When you say sugar you are talking about that white crystallized substance that we add to our dishes when needed. That is not real sugar, that sugar is created thanks to science.
Natural brown (raw) sugar is far more expensive and hard to create than white sugar. There is a big difference between both of them. Let me explain.

Green tea for fat loss

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You have probably heard about this type of tea, many bodybuilders drink it daily. There is a reason for that, green tea is a fat loss phenomenon.

The discovery of the green tea has occurred about 4 000 years ago. It’s popularity in the bodybuilding world has recently reached the top as many bodybuilders started drinking for its help. It is studied as a fat-burning supplement and with a good reason!

Let’s start at the root of the green tea phenomenon. Green tea, along with the black tea, comes from the tea plant Camellia sinensis.  This plant is an evergreen shrub that is native to mainland South and Southeast Asia, but can now be found across the world in the subtropical and tropical regions.