Chest Workout At Home: 7 Best Bodyweight Chest Exercises

Most people argue that if you’re not doing rounds on the bench press or dumbbell flyes, you are not going to go far when it comes to building your chest. Funnily enough, that could not be further away from the truth. In reality, there are a lot of great bodyweight chest exercises that will help you sculpt your pecs to perfections, without the use of any weights or equipment. Yup, you read that correctly, you …

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The 5 Best Upper Body Exercises That You Are Not Doing!

While there are a number of great upper body exercises out there that will surely help you reach your goals, such as: Dips, bench presses, pull-ups, push-ups, dumbbell rows, overhead press, etc. However, there is also a number of powerful exercises that can help you just as much, or more, that you won’t see being done at the gym as often (if at all) as the mainstream exercises. These often overlooked exercises will help you …

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Jump rope to lose weight

Jump rope is an incredible aerobic exercise. It burns a lot of calories, it increases your metabolism for hours, no expensive equipment, and you can do it anywhere you desire. It’s not just a child’s play. A normal jump rope routine activates a lot of muscle groups from the human body. The calves, abs, forearms, thighs, and gluteals muscles (the buttocks). There are a lot of combinations that increase or decrease the intensity of the …

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Ronnie Coleman's get huge program

Ronnie Coleman is a 8 time winning champion of the world-wide bodybuilding competition, where the best of the best compete to win the title of Mr. Olympia. We can all say that big Ron found his place in history as one of the best bodybuilders to walk the Earth. Ronnie started out as a policeman with no bodybuilding experience what so ever. Until one day the owner of the world renowned gym gave him a …

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