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If you have any queries addressed to me feel free to use the form below

Guest posts:
are allowed and are even advocated as this is a perfect opportunity for the blog to showcase different fitness experiences and knowledge. You will need to contact me and let me know what is the topic you have in mind writing. After which you will need to send me your piece of work, for me to evaluate – to assess whether or not any alterations needs to be made to the article.

    • Expectations would usually include a well written article in the field of fitness (anything that you consider to be your field of expertise). You don’t need to do any keyword research, but if you are knowledgeable in the field, please do (otherwise I would have to make sure that the article is keyword prepped and everything is in check).
  • If you want to submit an infographic feel free to contact me with your digital work. Do not forget to provide me with extra information about yourself, so that when I upload the infographic I can provide some information about the creator.

There might, however, be some circumstantial barriers that might hold me back from responding quickly. If so, don’t worry, I will eventually write back with a nonsense excuse about my absence and lack of email attention.

Seriously, though, I do not ignore my e-mails! And if you have conveyed one towards my way, I will respond!

The fields that are filled in are just examples of what the form should like. Please your own credentials!


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