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First I would like to say that I am sincerely sorry about me being away for so long and not writing a good post on this blog. But the good news is that I am back and I am ready to shine upon you with my so-called “Ton of muscle gain formula”.

Of course I am not talking about any magical pill that will help you get bigger and faster results, I am not talking about any supplement. What I am talking about is bulking and how to do it correctly.

Now you may hear from a lot of people who you don’t need to bulk or bulking gives you no results, or that bulking will only make you fatter and quite frankly that is true, IF you don’t know how to bulk.

When a person hears “You gotta bulk man”, what we understand is that we have to gain a ton of wait as fast as possible. Here comes the famous quote “Eat, eat some more, then come back and eat again”. But is this quote gonna do us any good ? The answer, NO!

Do we need to bulk to gain muscle ?
In the beginning, no. The first 6-12 months you can easily gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Our bodies are constructed that way. You don’t need to take any supplements like L-Carnitine or Creatine, or even multi vitamins. The only supplement you have to worry about buying is Protein Powder.

All you have to do is use a calorie calculator and calculate how much calories do you need to maintain your weight (not to gain, just to maintain). Then you go to the gym and you train as hard as you can.

It really sounds cool, huh ? The issue comes when those 6-12 months pass and you lose your  ability to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. That becomes impossible for you. If you even as so much as try to accomplish this task, you are just going to be left disappointed. You will only maintain your weight and nothing more. You won’t lose any more fat nor will you gain any more muscle.

Here is where you NEED to start bulking if you want to see any sort of improvement with your muscle gains.

How to bulk?
Bulking is actually a pretty hard task to accomplish. Many people think that all you need to do is lift heavy and eat more and the results will come sooner or later. When in fact there is a lot more to it than you think there is.

There are two kinds of bulks:

  • Fast and dirty
  • Slow and clean

Fast and dirty – you eat a lot more junk food and you really don’t care what kinds of calories are you putting in your mouth. You gain a lot of fat and you gain a pretty good amount of muscle for a smaller period of time.

Slow and clean – you eat a certain amount of calories (coming from fats, carbs, and protein). You make sure that your calorie sources are mainly clean (you may have 3-4 cheat meals a month or more).  And this kind of bulk takes you a lot more time than the “fast and dirty” one. YOU MUST ALWAYS AIM FOR ONE POUND OF GAIN PER MONTH, NOT MORE!

Which one should you pick ?
If you ask me the possible option you can go with is “slow and clean” and here is why.

First I want to point out that no matter what you do, no matter what supplements you take, no matter how good of genetics do you have you are not going to be capable of gaining more than 5-7 pounds of muscle per year (depending on your genetics and your body type). Which by the way is ALOT of muscle!

I’ve personally done both dirty and clean bulking.

Here is why the fast bulk is bad for you. Lets say you need 2000 calories to maintain your weight. And you need to consume 2150-2200 calories to gain muscle. If you go anywhere above that amount, you are not going to start gaining more muscle, no, you are just going to start gaining more fat. If you increase the calorie consumption to 2400 you are just going to intake 200 more calories which you are going to put as fat. Remember what I said, 5-7 pounds of muscle per year!

When I was doing a dirty bulk I gained about 44 pounds for 6 months. 44 ! That’s a big number. The problem is that I would have gained the same amount of muscle IF I did a clean bulk, which was going to be about 3-4 pounds of muscle. Meaning that I’ve gained 40-41 pounds of FAT!

And instead of spending my time gaining more muscle trough the year, I spent it on losing those 40 pounds of fat that I’ve gained.

So for one year worth of training I’ve only gained 3 pounds of muscle instead of 5-7.

That might not sound like a big difference, but trust me, it is.

The clean bulk is much more simpler. You gain 1 pound per month = 12 pounds per year. If you are going to bulk for about 2 years you are going to gain 24 pounds (still twice as less as my gains for 6 months and yet four times more muscle). When you cut down the fat you are going to be left with about 11-14 pounds of muscle.

You will only have to cut down 13-10 pounds of fat instead of 35-40 pounds.

And that’s not all. The dirty bulk comes with a lot of health risks. After all you are on a high sodium, fat, trans fat, saturated fat, simple carb, high cholesterol diet, which will make you gain a lot weight super fast. This will really affect you heart, your bones, joints, brain, muscles, kidneys and a lot more.

Fast and dirty bulk – You gain less muscle, more fat, and you lose time cutting down the fat.
Clean and slow bulk – You gain MORE muscle, gain LESS fat, and spend less time cutting down.

I’m pretty sure that the obvious winner to this fight is the clean bulk.

And remember, stay healthy, guys!


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