How to get big arms – The truth

How to get big arms – The truth

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Having big arms is really impressive, when you are with or without a shirt. That is why a lot of bodybuilders are working hard week after week, spending hours in the gym trying to achieve those arms. As you already probably know your arms have two main muscle groups. The triceps and the biceps. Both muscle groups are important for having big arms.

But the question is, which muscle group should you concentrate more on? The answer is the triceps. Don’t get me wrong, the biceps should be trained as hard as the triceps, but you must remember that the triceps is 70% a part of your arm, the rest is your biceps. I think you are smart enough to understand that the triceps i much bigger than the biceps.

Training those two muscle groups is not as easy as you think it is. First lets take a look at the anatomy of the both muscles.

The triceps brachii (meaning three-headed arm muscle in latin) has three heads. Those heads are known as Leteral, medial, and long heads.

  • The leteral head is located on the outward facing side of the humerus (the long bone in your arm). This head is most responsible for the horseshoe shape of your triceps.
  • The medial head is located towards the midline of the body.
  • The long head is along the bottom side of the humerus and is the largest part of the triceps.

The biceps brachii (meaning two-headed arm muscle in latin) has two heads. The short head and the long head.

  • The short head of the biceps attaches to the coracoid process at the top of the scapula.
  • The long head originates on the supraglenoid tubercle just above the shoulder joint from where its tendon passes down along the intertubercular groove of the humerus into the joint capsule of the shoulder joint

As you can probably see both the triceps and the biceps have more than one head. This means that there are more than just one ways for exercising one muscle group.

The biceps brachii is trained by doing pulling exercises.
Exercises such as:
Dumbbell curls
Dumbbell incline curls
Z-bar curls
Concentrated biceps dumbbell curls
Barbel curbs

The triceps brachii is trained by doing pushing and pulling exercises.
Exercises such as:
Bench dips – Powerliting
Cable incline triceps extension
Cable lying triceps estension
Skull crushersh

There you go, a guide to big arms. Thank you for reading this article here at1 Thebodybuildingblog101. If I have helped you with something please share this, it helps the blog grow. And don’t forget to visit our Facebook fan page!

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