Meeting Jay Cutler !

Meeting Jay Cutler !

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Jay Cutler (bodybuilder) in 2008.

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If you know who Jay Cutler is, you know why I am so psyched about my meeting with him. If not, Jay Cutler is a world-wide famous bodybuilder. He won the bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia four times and he’s apart of the MuscleTech Athlete Team.

This amazing event happened yesterday on the 2nd of February. Me and a couple of friends decided to go out and eat. We found this awesome place via Google.

I asked for their permission to show pictures of their restaurant, they refused and I don’t even have the right to mention their name in this post (it starts with a m).

All I can say is that the place looked amazing. I usually don’t go to expensive restaurants, but my friends made me because we haven’t seen each other for a couple of years.

The waitress gave me the menu. I starting looking for the healthiest and best looking dish they had. While I concentrated with my choice I heard from the back somebody saying “Oh my god, Jay Cutler”.

I thought they were only talking about him. The second time they mentioned his name I decided to turn around and see who are his fans. I was looking around and I saw a big fellow, sitting alone, probably waiting for his order to come. When I had a chance to actually take a look at his face, I saw him. I saw Jay Cutler sitting 10 feet away from me.

He and Arnold are my idols. I actually decided to stand up and sit with him and ask him a couple of questions, it was NOT easy!

He was a giant, probably twice as big as me. I started a simple conversation with him. I wanted to know who is Jay Cutler really. What was his personality. Needless to say he was an awesome guy.

Did you know that Cutler graduated from Quinsigamond Community College in 1993 with a degree in criminal justice. But instead of working as a guard in the maximum security prison he decided to become a bodybuilder.

After the short interview I asked him if he would like to be in a picture with me. As soon as he answered yes I rushed to my friends and asked if anybody had a camera.No, was their answer. They offered me their cellphones. I refused. I wanted my picture with this legend to be  in high quality.

I was really disappointed. I had no proof that I met Jay Cutler. But I was not sad about it, I actually had a chance to have a conversation with this famous person.

After he finished his plate he said that he will have to leave for a meeting. He got up from his chair and said “Cya John”. Jay Cutler remembered MY name. I was shocked. I wanted to play it cool so I replied with a “cya”.

This was an incredible experience for me.

If you guys have had an encounter with a famous person please leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Jay Cutler !”

  1. Sounds awesome. I met Dorian Yates years ago whilst he was Mr O, but better than that was having Kerry Kayes who used to work with Dorian come up to me backstage at my last competition in 2003 and told me I looked fantastic. Happy times 🙂

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