Motivation Monday: Top 10 Fitness and Workout Quotes

Motivation Monday: Top 10 Fitness and Workout Quotes

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Another Monday, another week has passed, and another Motivation Monday to help you kickstart your week.

If you have missed last week’s list, check it out here.

If you are new to these weekly lists, let me explain: We all know that Monday is the worst day of the week. We have all work, school, or something else soul-crushing to do. If I could summarise Monday with one word, that would be HARD. It’s just hard.

Waking up is hard, staying awake is hard, and with every passing hour it gets harder and harder. You come to the point where the only thing that you’re really interested is just going back home and laying down in your comfortable bed.

We need a little push, some motivation and inspiration that will help us get through the day a whole lot easier and maybe, even, be productive with our lives.

This is exactly the main reason why I decided to start sharing these little curated fitness and workout motivational lists that will hopefully help you kick-start your Monday as much as they help me.

I think that you’re going to love this week’s ones as much as last week!

OK, enough chitchat, without further adieu I present to you…

Motivation Monday: Top 10 Fitness and Workout Quotes

1. You’re A  F*cking Boss

monday motivation


monday motivation

3. I’m Doing This For Me


4. The Face of Dedication


5. Therapy


6. You Are What You Eat


7. Be Healthy, Be Happy


8.  Will You ?


9.  Remember Why You Started


10. If It Doesn’t Challenge You



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I am a 26 year old fitness enthusiast who has spent the last 9 years studying, learning and experiencing of the world of fitness. I have decided to share my collected knowledge in the field with my readers in hopes of making lives easier.

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