Nutrition for big muscles

Nutrition for big muscles

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Nutrition is what helps us build muscle and lose fat. It is way more important than the workout itself, which means that the good body is made in the kitchen. The workout is important as well, but not as much. Today I would like to concentrate on the therm bulking up, many of you have heard it before, but don’t really know what it means.

Bulking up is a phase trough, which every bodybuilder must go, if he wants to build serious muscle mass. During that transformation the bodybuilder will have to lift heavy with low reps and eat a lot of good nutrients. As you can tell by the title of the post, I am going to be talking about nutrition and how it can aid us to building big muscles.

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The first nutrient I want to talk about is carbs short for carbohydrates. As you already probably know carbohydrates are our bodies main fuel. The reason you will have to increase the amount of complex carbs in your meals, is because of the hard physical tension you are going to inflict on your body.
Eating carbohydrates before visiting the gym is important. This way you are going to give your self a good amount of energy for the workout that you are going to do, which means more reps and more sets.
Eating carbohydrates after the workout is as important as before it. After the hard physical tension your muscles are literally going to run out of glucose. At this point you are in a muscle destroying state, to stop it you will have to consume fast acting (simple) carbohydrates to fill up your muscles with glucose.
Eat good amounts of carbohydrates 5-10 minutes after you wake up and 1 hour before you go to bed.

Protein is probably the most important nutrient needed for building muscle mass. After your hard physical exercises your body rips molecularly your muscle tissue. There is where protein comes in and saves the day. When you consume good amounts of protein (1g of protein per 1lbs of your weight) your body starts to regenerate, fix that muscle tissue. And after that your body puts another small molecular layer of muscle tissue. And that is how you gain muscle. In my opinion the amount of protein you consume should always be 1g per 1lbs of your body weight. If you consume more than that you are not going to build more muscle, you are just going to build more fat.

As crazy as it may sound to you fats are going to aid us as well as the other nutrients trough our body transformation. Of course I am talking about the good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Thanks to the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids they contain, our metabolism is going to be increased, but that will not help us gain muscle, it will just help us maintain our body fat levels as low as possible.
Fats also increase the flow of testosterone, which increases the amount of muscle you gain.

As you can tale every nutrient is important. Of course if you are consuming good calories, if you are thinking that you can get the body you have always wanted, just by eating cakes and burgers, you are wrong!

And that is all I can say about nutrition and how it can aids with our muscle building quest. If I have helped you with something please share this article, it helps the blog to grow. Also don’t forge to join us at our facebook fan page.

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