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Randy Tiner's story. Never give up on your dreams !


Randy Tiner flexing at the “Heart of Texas” competition.

Planet Earth is full with interesting people with even more interesting tales about their lives. How they are fighting everyday so they can achieve their dreams. And those stories often turn into sources of bodybuilding motivation.

As I was browsing the internet yesterday I came across a video named “Inspirational bodybuilder Randy Tiner”. I was interested by the topic so much that I decided to click on the link and watch the whole video. What I saw was amazing.

Randy went trough an accident with his motorcycle in 1999. He got in a crash with a truck, he lost his whole arm, I quote “Right there on the road”. He was carried to the hospital as fast as possible. Randy made it alive, but sadly they could not retrieve his arm back.

He was not a bodybuilder before his accident, he actually started following a workout plan 10 years later in 2009. He had a lot of bodybuilder friends that were helping him out with his fitness training. Randy Tiner shared that he wanted to compete for the bodybuilding competition called “Heart of Texas”, but he did not have the confidence that he will make it.

Randy Tiner

Picture of Randy Tiner at the gym.

With the support of his loving family and friends in 2010 he decided to work even harder and compete in the “Heart of Texas” competition in 2011. He trained hard every single one of those 365 days so he can sculpt his body to perfection.

Randy Tiner on stage at the “Heart of Texas” competition.

On the 10th of September 2011 Randy was on the stage along with 20 other people that were competing for the first place. “The one armed man”, as he called him self, won second place in the bodybuilding competition “Heart of Texas”.

Randy shared something interesting with the interviewers after the show. He did not compete so he can win something, he competed so he can show the world that everything is possible. That it does not matter what life throws at your way, you can still make it as long as you fight for it and NEVER give up on your dreams.

After his success with winning second place on the bodybuilding competition Randy decided to compete again next year.

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