Rest to gain big muscles !

Rest to gain big muscles !

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Resting is probably one of the most important factors in the bodybuilding. Without a good rest you will most definitely fail in gaining muscle or losing fat. And it seems that there are people that do not understand this important fact, since it is the reason for 60% of the bodybuilders worldwide to fail.

First, let me explain from where does the importance of resting comes from. When you are training at the gym, you are activating the muscle to pull, push, and squeeze. After your hard workout with low reps, but high weights, you have made molecular rips in your muscle tissue. In other words you have destroyed the muscle tissue, molecularly.

For your muscles to rebuild you will need to take fair amount of protein each day, one gram per one pound of your body weight. In other words if you weight 170lbs you will have to consume 170grams of protein on a daily basis. But to make sure that your muscle is fully reconstructed, you will need to have a good rest. In other words don’t do anything. Don’t do cardio, don’t use your arms, just rest.

But resting doesn’t only allow your muscles to rebuild, it also helps you mentally. Imagine if you had to do the same thing over and over, day after day, exactly, you will get tired of it and quit. And that is exactly what we DO NOT want to happen. Take one or two days off. The only thing you will have to do at those days is rest. In fact I recommend watching some motivational videos to keep you motivated for your next workout.

I guess a lot of people think that staying hours in the gym is going to somehow help them gain more muscle. You gain muscle in bed on in the gym. Don’t train more than one hour. You are going to over-train and not only. While you workout you put physical stress on your body, because of that it releases a hormone called Cortisol as a reaction. This hormone is the stress hormone. After being in the gym for one hour your cortisol levels are going to be good, if you go beyond that, they will be too high. And cortisol is literally going to start destroying your muscles. So unless you want to lose muscle tissue, I recommend you stop doing that.

Sleeping is the bodybuilder’s best friend. Try to get at least 6 hours of a good sleep to relieve your self from all of the stress and the tension you have been gathering throughout the day.

Instead of taking a shower take a bath. Just lay down in the tub and enjoy the warm water. Add some bubbles if you want.

Trust me, resting will increase your muscle gains with 40%. Thank you for joining Thebodybuildingblog101, don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook fan page.

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