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spicy low fat turkey meatballs recipes

Recipe: Spicy And Sweet Low Fat Turkey Meatballs

By now you should have developed a sense of how important nutrition is to your end goals. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about improving muscle growth or losing those annoying extra pounds, your diet will help you the most.

A lot of people seem to hate dieting because what they do is they eat the same type of food every day. They choose those foods and meals that are good in macros and micronutrients and they just stick with them for a very long time. Those foods that they tend to go with usually are very bland and lack taste. The truth to the matter actually is that you can make some kick-ass meals with just the right set of ingredients that will not only taste amazing but will also help you achieve your end-goals.

This specific meal is packed with valuable nutrients as it is high in protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrates and it contains foods that are considered as fat burners that will help you elevate your metabolic rate. And they are also really good for your general health as it is packed with super foods such as ginger which is a superfoods that has anti-inflammatory properties, it fights cancers and aids decrease your chances of heart disease, and it helps with digestion. There is also apple cider vinegar that helps maintain a healthy digestive track, lowers cholesterol and is widely used by a variety of famous individuals like Mega Fox as a weight loss tonic (Read more about Megan Fox’s Vinegar addiction).Read More »Recipe: Spicy And Sweet Low Fat Turkey Meatballs


Healthy Recipe Ideas – Breaded Fish Fillet and Low Fat Cheese

I sometimes have these really strong urges and cravings for junk food. And even with years of experience and dieting I still get them. There’s no escaping them! The good news is that you can prepare yourself something that is equally, if not even more, tasty.

An easy, healthy, and quick snack like this one will help you out by providing you with important macronutrients and micronutrients that will help you out with your fitness program and most importantly will save you from the evil junk-food cravings.

Furthermore, this dish is excellent for parties as it can be shared with a lot of people, offers an amazing taste and is absolutely healthy, which means that you are not filling yourself with tons and tons of bad fats and sugars from the dip choices!

A very important reminder is that there is lactose involved in the meal, if you by any chance are diagnosed with lactose intolerance what you can do is exclude the low fat cheese from the recipe and stick with the breaded fish fillet. It still has an amazing taste so you won’t be missing out!Read More »Healthy Recipe Ideas – Breaded Fish Fillet and Low Fat Cheese

Healthy Recipe Ideas – Cooked Basa Fish With Sweet Potatoes


Whether you are trying to improve natural muscle growth or lose weight nutrition is an important asset that must never be taken for granted. This is why I decided that it would be a good idea to share my easy, healthy dinner recipe idea that will help you out! This delicious meal takes no longer than 40-45 minutes to prepare and is extremely healthy, nutritional and packed with micronutrients and macronutrients!

Read More »Healthy Recipe Ideas – Cooked Basa Fish With Sweet Potatoes