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Healthy Recipe Ideas – Breaded Fish Fillet and Low Fat Cheese

I sometimes have these really strong urges and cravings for junk food. And even with years of experience and dieting I still get them. There’s no escaping them! The good news is that you can prepare yourself something that is equally, if not even more, tasty.

An easy, healthy, and quick snack like this one will help you out by providing you with important macronutrients and micronutrients that will help you out with your fitness program and most importantly will save you from the evil junk-food cravings.

Furthermore, this dish is excellent for parties as it can be shared with a lot of people, offers an amazing taste and is absolutely healthy, which means that you are not filling yourself with tons and tons of bad fats and sugars from the dip choices!

A very important reminder is that there is lactose involved in the meal, if you by any chance are diagnosed with lactose intolerance what you can do is exclude the low fat cheese from the recipe and stick with the breaded fish fillet. It still has an amazing taste so you won’t be missing out!Read More »Healthy Recipe Ideas – Breaded Fish Fillet and Low Fat Cheese