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Randy Tiner's story. Never give up on your dreams !

Randy Tiner flexing at the “Heart of Texas” competition.

Planet Earth is full with interesting people with even more interesting tales about their lives. How they are fighting everyday so they can achieve their dreams. And those stories often turn into sources of bodybuilding motivation.

As I was browsing the internet yesterday I came across a video named “Inspirational bodybuilder Randy Tiner”. I was interested by the topic so much that I decided to click on the link and watch the whole video. What I saw was amazing.
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Eat sugar, it doesn't make you fat !



Sugar is the second most feared nutrient in the world. They think it will make them fat. Well, there is a reason. When you say sugar you are talking about that white crystallized substance that we add to our dishes when needed. That is not real sugar, that sugar is created thanks to science.
Natural brown (raw) sugar is far more expensive and hard to create than white sugar. There is a big difference between both of them. Let me explain.

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