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The BEST bodybuilding program !


Today I wanted to share what in my opinion is the BEST bodybuilding program that will help you gain more and more muscle every week. I have shared this program with all of my students and I use it my self. It worked perfectly. Both me and my students had amazing results. The best part is that I am not only going to give you the BEST bodybuilding program, I am going to explain to you why and how it works.

Creating a program is not at easy as you may think it is. You will have to concentrate on two factors. Resting and the muscle anatomy. Let me explain why.

Resting is probably one of the most important factors in building muscle mass. You will need to rest enough before training the same muscle group twice. If you workout hard, with low reps and high weights, you will need up to one week to rest before working on the same muscle.
The muscle anatomy, if you want to gain mass, you will have to pay attention how every muscle works in the human body. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to remember.

Combining those two factors will allow you to create the BEST bodybuilding program for yourself. It might take you up to one or two months of learning all of this to perfection. The good news are that I already know this and I am going to explain everything in one article.

So here you go The BEST bodybuilding program !

Chest and triceps

Legs and abs

Rest (or low intensity cardio)

Shoulders and traps

Biceps and back

Rest (or low intensity cardio)


As you can see, everyday you are going to train two muscle groups. By activating more than one muscle group you are going to drastically increase your metabolism and your testosterone.

On the first day you are going to concentrate on your chest and triceps:
When you are doing a simple, but effective exercises such as the bench press or dips, you are going to activate the triceps muscle group. Since it’s activated you are now using it, which means that you will have to allow it to rest, so it can recover from the physical tension. Do not follow the advices from the bodybuilders in the gym, most of them are taking anabolic steroids, which means they can do what ever they want and still gain muscle mass.

On the second day you are going to concentrate on your legs and abdominal muscles:
To be fair and honest with you, exercises like squats and deadlifts work better on your core than any other abdominal exercise. But to make sure that you are fully going to train your core (abs) you will have to do some ab exercises.

On the third day you are going to rest:
Be sure to get the best out of this day. Of course if you are willing to burn a couple of more calories, do a low intensity cardio, not more than 20 minutes.

On the fourth day you are going to concentrate on your deltoids and traps:
You are going to need your shoulder muscles when you are training your chest and triceps. So let’s make sure that we give it at least 3 days to rest before we use the deltoids again. Don’t worry, the physical tension on your shoulders will be minimum while training your chest and triceps. So you don’t have to worry about over-training. The traps are a part of your back, but they are often used while working on your deltoids.

On the fifth day you are going to concentrate on your biceps and back:
I do not know if you have noticed or not, but when you are training your back, you are doing a pulling exercise, which means you are activating your biceps. And because those exercises are hard, you will need to give your biceps brachii a couple of days to rest.

On the sixth day you going to rest:
Here I really recommend resting, NO cardio, NO gym !

If you follow this program I can guarantee that you are going to see results after the first week. Thank you for reading this article, if I have helped you with something please share this post, it helps the blog grow. Also don’t forget to check us out on our facebook fan page!

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