Three steps to improve your cardiovescular exercise

Three steps to improve your cardiovescular exercise

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Cardiovescular or cardio exercises are great. We need them in our routine workout so we can lose more fat or to get our bodies ready for the hard physical tension that we are going to go through. But there are some tricks that will help you improve your cardio experience.

What is cardio ?
A cardiovescular exercise can be performed anywhere at anytime. You don’t need weights, neither machines to perform a good cardio exercise. The key to a good cardiovescular exercise is to increase your hearth rate. *contact your doctors if you have heart problems*

There are three types of cardio

  1. Low intensity cardio – Targets the fat cells, increases your metabolism for 10-15 minutes, you have to spent 1-2 hours.
  2. Medium intensity cardio – Targets both fat cells and carbohydrates, increases your metabolism for 20 minutes, 40-50min
  3. High intensity cardio – Targets carbohydrates, increases your metabolism for 10-14 hours, 5-10 minutes.

Take a look at the High intensity cardio exercise. It increases your metabolism for a good 10-14 hours. That means that you are going to lose fat constantly for 10 hours. That is the best kind of cardio exercise.

Why high intensity cardio ?
High intensity interval training or HIIT is going to help you lose a ton of fat. It is going to increase your metabolism for a good 10-14 hours, or more. That means that you are going to lose fat while you are watching TV, reading a magazine, sleeping, or reading this article.

Another plus is that it’s not boring. HIIT is fun to perform, hard but fun at the same time. Low and medium intensity cardio exercise can take up to one hour of jogging, riding a bike, dancing. Unlike the high intensity cardio that can take you 10 minutes of hard intense movements.

How to improve your cardio ?
Let me give you three hints that will help you increase your cardiovescular performance.

1. The best cardio exercise. The more muscles you contract the better the effect. In other words bodyweight exercises are the best way to go. Exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges. Be sure to add the to your routine. Running and riding a bike are also great. Don’t let your body adapt to your routine, change the exercises.

2. Use low intensity cardio also. Five minutes after your HIIT add a low intensity cardio exercise. This way you can cool down from the physical tension and lose more fat. If you take a close look at what I said low intensity cardio targets your fatty cells. When you perform a high intensity cardio fatty cells are released in your blood stream. Five minutes later, when you perform the next exercise, you are going to target those fatty cells and use them as energy. Don’t go over 10 minutes of low intensity cardio.

3. Put headphones. Because high intensity cardio is hard to perform you will need some motivation. Listen to some motivation music to keep you going. It’s important to isulate your self from everybody else and only concentrate on your workout. So pump up the volume and keep your eyes on the prize.

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